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JAXA rocket resting in horizontal position

Space Tourism in Southern Japan

For travelers interested in anything beyond planet Earth, Kagoshima prefecture’s JAXA Space Centers are the ideal locations to explore rockets, history, and the charms of the Japanese countryside. Here are some of the best spots to experience Japan’s annual rocket launches and learn about the history of the Japanese space exploration industry.

Explore Uchinoura and Find a Passion For Aerospace

Kimotsuki is situated in the southern tip of the Osumi Peninsula, one of two peninsulas making Kagoshima Prefecture. The town is dubbed "The Oriental Florida" because of its mild climate and abundant nature of mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean behind it. In addition, it is also known for Uchinoura Space Center, one of the six rocket launch sites in Japan. Kagoshima is known as the Japanese rocket prefecture.

Mystery Solving – Tokyo Science Events

"There are still many unknown things in the cosmos. These large unknown issues cannot be solved by short-term research and many people have to get interested in those matters to solve them by taking a lot of time," he added,"I want young people to join such mystery solving."

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