Writer: Kevin Kato

Camping in parks, on beaches and other semi-legal spots up and down Japan for more than 10 years.

Has biked, hiked, boated and otherwise locomoted through 40 countries across 6 continents (including an illegal entry into Vietnam that, surprisingly, did not end in a prison cell).

Used to cycle and travel like crazy, now has his hands full with 3 small children who keep demanding to be fed.

Favorite spots in Japan include coastal campgrounds in Hokkaido, a ramen shop in Fukushima City and any mountain with a trail.

Sharing stuff on Facebook, Twitter, All Over The Road.

Daio Wasabi Farm

Become a Wasabi Expert at the Daio Wasabi Farm

I spent years eating sushi and burning my nose before realizing I didn’t know much about this spicy little devil. Then I visited the Daio Wasabi Farm in central Nagano. Just a quick trip from the popular castle town of Matsumoto, Daio is a sprawling display of meticulous farming methods and pristine natural resources.

The Daruma Doll: Japan’s Limbless Figure of Good Luck

Spend a little time in Japan and you are bound to come across a peculiar sort of doll, a red and round human-ish creature with no arms or legs. He may or may not have eyes. He sports some pretty fancy facial hair. If you knock him over he’ll bounce back upright. And if you are lucky, he’ll grant your greatest wish.

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