Writer: Kevin Kato

Camping in parks, on beaches and other semi-legal spots up and down Japan for more than 10 years.

Has biked, hiked, boated and otherwise locomoted through 40 countries across 6 continents (including an illegal entry into Vietnam that, surprisingly, did not end in a prison cell).

Used to cycle and travel like crazy, now has his hands full with 3 small children who keep demanding to be fed.

Favorite spots in Japan include coastal campgrounds in Hokkaido, a ramen shop in Fukushima City and any mountain with a trail.

Sharing stuff on Facebook, Twitter, All Over The Road.

Daio Wasabi Farm

Become a Wasabi Expert at the Daio Wasabi Farm

I spent years eating sushi and burning my nose before realizing I didn’t know much about this spicy little devil. Then I visited the Daio Wasabi Farm in central Nagano. Just a quick trip from the popular castle town of Matsumoto, Daio is a sprawling display of meticulous farming methods and pristine natural resources.

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