Writer: Elda

Elda is an Australian traveller with a passion for Japan and rare books. She loves cycling, archery, good food, writing, and can`t get enough of Japanese comedy/travel TV programs like ItteQ. One day she hopes to start her own business in Japanese rare books but for now can`t seem to shake the travelling bug.

Michi no Eki: The Traveler's Haven

If you are on a long-distance trip around Japan, whether it be by bike, foot, car, campervan, or even stilts (hey, it`s happened), you will quickly find out that the sight of a Michi no Eki, or Roadside Station, on the horizon will often send a rush of relief into your veins.

How to Make Friends in Japan

While if you visit Japan you're bound to come away glowing with happiness at the politeness and friendliness of people, it can be surprisingly hard for foreigners living in Japan to find a friend group. Here are a few hints on how to find 'your people' to hang with…

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