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Buri: A Winter's Delicacy in Kanazawa

If you've never had fresh yellowtail caught locally during the peak of winter, you must (it’s referred to as kan-buri (寒ブリ) which means “Winter Yellowtail”). It's incredibly tasty, and with a touch of soy sauce, it’s sheer melt-in-your-mouth savorlicious!

The Sushi Etiquette

You are sitting at the table in this sushi restaurant, with your plate of sushi in front of you. You start eating your sushi, and as you are looking around you notice that people are looking at you shocked, surprised, and maybe even a little bit disgusted. That's very unlikely. In fact, it's because you are doing something that is not part of the sushi etiquette. Yes, there is an etiquette!

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