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3 Days of Punk Culture in Shinjuku, Tokyo

3 Days of Punk Culture in Shinjuku, Tokyo

With its signature kappa (a Japanese mythological monster) mascot, Kappunk festival hosts dozens of punk rock bands from all over the world for 3 full days of hardcore rock festivities. It sparked a thought for me, how does Japanese punk culture compare to that of the UK or America?

Cherry blossoms and Kanda River

A Day in Waseda

Waseda, home to Waseda University in Shinjuku-ku and only about 15 minutes from Shinjuku station, is one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. Here's my suggested day's itinerary, allowing you to enjoy Waseda's beautiful parks, bizarre architecture, peaceful temple and my hands-down favourite cafe in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen: A Place of Relaxation in Shinjuku

What can you imagine about Shinjuku? It is labeled by the government as a shopping area. Full of branded goods and tall buildings. Yes, you can find all of that soon once you arrive at Shinjuku station. Lumine Est, Odakyu Department Store, Odakyu Mylord, Lumine 1 shopping mall, Lumine 2 shopping mall, Keio Department Store, Keio Mall and Odakyu Ace have direct access to Shinjuku Station. This is good for commercial reasons because Shinjuku station is served by JR East, Odakyu Electric Railway, Keio Rail Corporation, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway.

Going to movies in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very diverse city with uncountable sightseeing destinations. Yet when it’s raining and cold outside, you might prefer something indoors. If shopping and dining have already showed you everything you wanted to try, then perhaps you would like to visit the local movie theaters. Especially if you are in Shinjuku and Godzilla is waiting for you right by the building of the Toho cinemas.

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