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Thank you. My name is Tina. I am I have been living in Tokyo, Japan for 7 years. Blogging had been my hobby since then. I hope to provide you with both useful and enjoyable articles. Feel free to follow my Instagram visuals.

Flexible Transportation for Reasonable Prices – Exploring Japan by Bus

Having said that, you have to do both planning and researching, which implies relying on side opinions as well. Luckily, Japan has many different transportation options available and is very easy to commute cross-country. So I just want to share some of my experiences on traveling in Japan. Of course, everything is circumstantial and will depend on the individual(s).

Kunitachi: Adorable College Town and the Inspiration for Wolf Children

You might have never heard of Kunitachi. It’s a small district in Tokyo, but despite its size, this town is full of charms. So much that it inspired the anime film Wolf Children, which won the New York International Children’s Film Festival’s Audience Award in 2013. It has many cute little shops, spectacular nature, and a whole street of cherry blossom trees.

The Smoking Valley of Owakudani, Hakone

Owakudani, written as 大涌谷, in Japanese means "Great Boiling Valley". It is both poetic and a bit mysterious. The valley was created in the result of a Mt. Hakone eruption around 3000 years ago, and still experiences volcanic activity. It is mostly safe, nevertheless. The Tourist Center was closed between 2015 and 2016, but now it is available again, as well as the Hakone ropeway.

Japan vs. America: How Different are the Starbucks?

The famous coffee chain Starbucks was found in 1971. As of June 2015, the company has 22,519 shops around the world. 1165 of those shops are in Japan (data from December 2015). Starbucks arrived to Japan in 1995, but has already gained a great amount of popularity due to Japanese people's obsession with the magic bean drink. People call it shortly スタバ (sutaba) and make it the country’s largest coffee chain, due to the combination of energizing coffee, variety, and excellent market skills.

Gotokuji: The Lucky Cat Temple

If there is one thing Japan is often associated with abroad, it must be a cat. But not just any cat: the little waving cat called maneki neko. Usually, at a shop’s entrance there are figures of cat with a raised paw, which is said to attract good fortune. Some cat figures are automatic lifting and lowering the paws non-stop.

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