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Zack Urbano has always admired Japan from afar, and got a chance to experience Japan first hand thanks to the JET Programme. Residing in Fukui for three years, he has always been active in searching for the best places to eat, drink, play video games with the best, and discover the latest music Japan has to offer. Utilizing his skills as a writer and photographer, he is eager to share his findings with those who have an interest in Japan.

The Four Best Live Houses in Osaka

The 4 Best Live Houses in Osaka

Osaka has a rich and deep underground music scene ranging from electronica, to glitch, to hardcore punk, to metal, and everything in between. Additionally, many foreign acts who are touring Japan will make at least one stop in Osaka and have support from the local acts. A result of all of this is that Osaka is home to plenty of live houses and concert halls, big and small.

Five Game Centers in Kansai Gamers Must Visit

A lot of the big video game companies such as Nintendo and Sega originate from Japan and some of the finest gamers of all time come from Japan. Kansai sees a lot of visitors from all over, and some of those want a place to relax and game for a bit. This is a guide for those traveling to or living in Kansai and want to experience Japanese gaming culture at its finest.

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