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Welcome to All: Kitara Music Hall in Sapporo

Japan is an East Asian country that has their unique tradition and lifestyle. Coming to Japan from a Western country might make you think you will not see a lot of western influence here. If you love classical music and used to watch performances back home, worry not. In Sapporo you can enjoy watching live classic music regularly being held in Sapporo “Kitara” Concert Hall. It is located in the Chuo ward area of Sapporo, in the famous Nakajima Park. So to get here, just take a subway to Nakajima Koen station in Namboku Line. After that, just follow the direction to the concert hall, which only takes 7 minutes. While walking, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Nakajima Park. The Sapporo Concert Hall building is big and beautiful. You can easily spot it.

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When there’s an upcoming concert, you can see many people walking with you. The building area covers 8,383,291 m² in total so don’t worry about small spaces. The concert hall is divided into two. The large concert hall and the small concert hall. The main performance takes place in the large hall with the audience capacity of 2008 people.


Built in 1997, Sapporo Concert Hall has gained a great reputation among artists. The nickname “Kitara” is from the ancient Greek instrument, Kithara. When Simon Rattle visited with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 1998, he described the hall as, "The best modern concert hall in the world."

Music performances that were being held in Sapporo Concert Hall came from talented artists and musicians from around the world. Sapporo Concert Hall is also the home of The Pacific Music Festival. The performances aren’t only from well-known orchestra groups, but also well-known solo musicians. It is held quite often. On the busy schedule, the performance can be every day. Regularly it is held thrice a week. Each day a different performance from different talents around the world. You can check the performance timetable and buy tickets. The price of course depends on the seats and what kind of performance. If you’re a student, you might get discount tickets, or if you’re lucky, your school can give you a free ticket. There are also discounts and advantages if you register as a member!

If you have never watched a live orchestra performance before, don’t worry. Because neither had I until I watched it in Sapporo Concert Hall. For a first timer, it was a magical experience to actually watch an orchestra, from a Vienna violinist, in Japan! So don’t hesitate if you have never seen a brilliant musical performance from a high acoustic semicircular hall. Sapporo Concert Hall welcomes you with the musical atmosphere!


After the concert I have the opportunity to join the backstage tour or tour around the hall, so I can give you some more information. Such as this huge organ that’s located in the center of the large main hall. It is built by Alfred Kern & Fils Manufacture D'Orgues. It’s truly beautiful and I wonder how it sounds when an organ performance is on. Sapporo Concert Hall has 4 grand pianos. Each piano can cause a Ferrari, or so the tour guide said.

Near the entrance of the building, there’s a restaurant called Terrace Restaurant Kitara. If you want to take a break and have some drinks you can visit this restaurant. They serve meals too of course. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the park.

Photo Courtesy of Sapporo Park Hotel Website
Photo Courtesy of Sapporo Park Hotel Website

View the performance schedule, book the tickets, and visit Sapporo Concert Hall especially if you want a new experience of the city!

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