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Wearing the Forest – A Few Facts About Mori Girl Fashion

Japan is filled with all kinds of different and unique fashion styles. From cosplay to bright colored looks, almost everyone does something unique with their clothing. It is different with mori girl. ‘Mori’ means forest, so the style choices are related to nature. Inspired by European country girl looks, the mori girl clothing presents the wearer of ‘forest fairy’. It takes a few similarities to Western boho style.

Finding Large-Sized Women’s Apparel in Japan

If you’re a woman who wears anything larger than a size US-10/UK-14/German-40, you’re going to find it very difficult to find apparel of any kind that fits. Not only are the body dimensions proportioned differently here, but the range of clothes of larger sizes are extremely limited. This article tells you all the options you have to make-over your wardrobe!!

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