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Wearing the Forest – A Few Facts About Mori Girl Fashion

Japan is filled with all kinds of different and unique fashion styles. From cosplay to bright colored looks, almost everyone does something unique with their clothing. It is different with mori girl. ‘Mori’ means forest, so the style choices are related to nature. Inspired by European country girl looks, the mori girl clothing presents the wearer of ‘forest fairy’. It takes a few similarities to Western boho style.

What makes mori girl different from the other Japanese style is mori girls tend to use many layers on their outfits. The unique part is, it doesn’t seem too much if you take a glance at mori girl’s layered outfits. The key is in the use of nature colors, or you could say Earth colors, such as green, brown, beige, and kinds of dusty colors. Each of the layers can bring out a cute girl's femininity and make her look more innocent.

Photo by 2155 on Pakutaso.

The layers of the clothes are not simple either. It is like they wear all items on their outfits imaginable. The common layers combination is an A-line dress, ruffle skirt (the middle or long one), accompanied by an over-sized cardigan. Another combination is a long-sleeved top, a dress, and long pants. For shoes, they wear flat shoes or boots and sometimes heels. It shows that a mori girl's life is a simple and comfortable one. They know they are beautiful with the simple little things.

Qualities of a Mori Girl

Loose Silhouette

Photo by 2155 on Pakutaso.

The first noticeable thing is loose outfits. Mori girl uses medium to heavyweight fabrics and they layer them immensely. Mori girl outfits also use more ruffles on their seems.


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Headpiece-like flower headband is the most picked accessories for mori girl style. Not too complicated or flashy, the row of flowers placed on the girls' heads are meant to add more natural styles to the hair. So they have different type of ‘layering’.


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Mori style also has their signature prints. The prints consists of floral prints, usually vintage, and also polkadots.

I don’t know why but mori girl definitely has a calm demeanor. Is it inspired by a desire to be ‘outside’ the city's hustle-bustle? Even though you might think mori girl is a weird choice of outfit, that is not the point. It is just a way for mori girls to express they are not easily distracted by latest trends, mori girls love nature, and moreover, mori girls love themselves. It is not something easy to do. So, lesson learned. Inside every style, even it is so weird or creepy, there is someone’s true personality. They are unique as they are and we love them even more.

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