Writer: Dkun

For decades Dkun has traveled the waters, rails, byroads, high roads and skies, around, on and above the islands of Japan. He tries to share both the subtle and sublime beauty of his adopted home and its people with readers and maybe entice them to experience the Land of the Rising Sun firsthand.

Cute dog relaxing on her bed

Pedaling 4 Paws 2018 – Cycling in the City

Animal Refuge Kansai cares for elderly dogs and cats that no one else will care for, providing them with a loving home. Next week we're “Pedaling for Paws” in a bike-a-thon around Tokyo, to raise money to support their efforts.

A Day Trip at Shuri Castle

The fortress was built in a style unique to the island known as Gusuku, incorporating Chinese design with local characteristics and materials. These Gusuku were built across the island between the end of the 12th century and the beginning of the 14th, in response to both internal island conflict and threats from across the seas.

Yuurei: Japanese Faded Souls

They often have long disheveled hair and wear white funeral clothing, provided they’d received a funeral. They seldom have legs that can be seen and often appear floating limply before terrified victims of their hauntings.

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