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I am Yoko, a licensed tour guide in Kyusyu, a southern island of Japan. Kyusyu has a wide variety of tourist resources such as historical spots, abundant nature, local specialty and so on. Some areas in Kyusyu are still unbeaten tracks for foreigners. I would like as many as people to know about attractions here and explore new world in Japan. Moreover, I’ll include the information about everyday life of ordinary people in terms of tradition and culture of Japan which you can’t find in a guidebook. I hope the articles are helpful for you. Thank you.

Explore Uchinoura and Find a Passion For Aerospace

Kimotsuki is situated in the southern tip of the Osumi Peninsula, one of two peninsulas making Kagoshima Prefecture. The town is dubbed "The Oriental Florida" because of its mild climate and abundant nature of mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean behind it. In addition, it is also known for Uchinoura Space Center, one of the six rocket launch sites in Japan. Kagoshima is known as the Japanese rocket prefecture.

An Introduction To Authentic Shochu

Kagoshima, located at southern tip of Japan, is a cradle of Shochu. If you are interested in the Japanese drinking culture, Shochu is an absolute must try. Like whiskey and brandy, Shochu is a distilled liquor made from various ingredients such as rice, sweet potatoes, wheat and so on.

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