Tokyo Midtown’s Winter Illumination

Apart from the previous article written about Caretta Shiodome’s Winter Illumination, Tokyo Midtown’s Illumination is another amazing event that is not to be missed. Located in the Roppongi area, Tokyo Midtown’s Illumination route with a total of 520, 000 LED lights strongly rivals the other Illumination spots in Tokyo.

Tokyo Midtown is a swanky commercial complex with various shops, restaurants, as well as the Suntory Museum of Art and Fujifilm Square housed within it. Interesting artwork can be found both in and outside the complex, providing an artistic and stylish feel to the area. Its Christmas lightup, titled Midtown Christmas 2015, is not only limited to one Illumination spot, but instead has a total of 6 spots linked up in a suggested tour. A map of the suggested route you can take to view all the Illuminations is provided at various spots within the shopping complex.


The highlight of Midtown Christmas is definitely the Starlight Garden located at the Grass Square just outside the shopping complex. A large expanse of 180, 000 LED lights decorate the rectangle square of the garden area. Many people line the bridge that links Tokyo Midtown to the Starlight Garden, trying to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sparkling sea of blue. The aerial view of the Illumination is sure to amaze you. Heading down the bridge to the Starlight Garden gives you a closer view of the LED lights on display. Each light-show runs for about 10 minutes, and loops constantly through the night. Apart from the waxing and waning of the lights, the Illumination also features beams of light shooting across the area like shooting stars. Small LED lights glow at various spots, as though they were real stars flashing in the dark. All in all, it was a very captivating performance, making many stand there for a good period of time, watching the light show replay.


After watching the Starlight Garden Illumination, you can then turn left and walk down Midtown Garden. The boulevard is lined with trees decorated with beautiful LED lights, from shimmering blue to bright yellow lights that go incredibly well with the gingko trees on display.


Going round the Midtown complex takes you to the front of the building, where a nicely lit-up Christmas tree welcomes you in to celebrate Midtown Christmas 2015. Midtown’s Christmas decorations are not limited to outdoor illuminations. Inside the shopping complex in the Galleria, beautiful displays of lights also heighten the Christmas atmosphere. Particularly attractive was a huge cone-shaped structure with tiny little Santa Claus figurines on them. Christmas-themed rubber stamps are also available throughout the building for you to make your own cards with. Tokyo Midtown definitely has all the stops pulled out to welcome Christmas!


The Tokyo Midtown Illumination started on 12th November 2015 and will last till Christmas Day 25th December 2015. The Illuminations start from 5pm to 11pm every day. Crowds are expected starting from the week before Christmas, hence do go there in the earlier half of December if you wish to avoid the crowds.

To get here, simply alight at Roppongi Station (accessible by Oedo Line, Hibiya Line) and use the underground passageway to get to Tokyo Midtown.

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