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Tokyo's Winter Illumination Events: Colourful and Shiny Spirit All Around the City

Winter is coming, and the city gets ready for a welcoming celebration gala for the new year. Lights are taking the night, inviting the winter holidays' spirit to come in and stay for a while. Tokyo exiles the shadows until next year and welcomes the Christmas lights.


Right after Halloween's night and enduring until mid-January, Tokyo dresses its most centric neighbourhoods with colour lights and music to welcome the winter spirit and holidays. It is an almost magic moment where lights invade the city, welcoming both visitors and residents to walk around the streets and enjoy a pleasant time with friends, family or even strangers.



Not only the shops, shopping malls and stores are dressed according to the occasion. The city itself and its streets, roads and avenues have became part of a winter stage full of colours and lights that compete with the shiniest stars above the sky. Its lights warm up the cold bodies and hearts due to the low temperatures that belong to the wintry season.


Tokyo, Marunouchi, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Odaiba, Ginza, Shiodome, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Dome City, Omotesando, Showa Kinen Koen, Aksaka Sacas, Yebisu Garden Place, Roppongi Hills are some of the examples that put on their night dress for the special occasion. From November to January and February, there will be several different illumination decoration events around all these areas, as well as extra musical Christmas concerts and other cultural activities. Some are free of charge and others require a ticket fee. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of different activities for those who are in Tokyo during this winter, to enjoy of inspiring music and colours warming the cold traditional environment. With such a complete schedule, winter holidays seems to be more busy than expected for those who enjoy walking, and an excellent opportunity to walk, passing through a road of almost magical colours and lights.


Decoration of streets and avenues, trees and other natural elements, the inside part and outside part of state and private buildings, white colour lights, colourful lights, music and even interactive decoration. Some buildings have also prepared ice skating rinks for the public to enjoy practicing one of the most popular winter sports: ice skate.



Roads decorated with lights. Trees surrounding the streets and buildings full of colour balls and lights. Light figures with changing themes and interactive elements to invite the walkers to enjoy and participate of the magic and the festive atmosphere. Even a giant Christmas tree with a light and music performance, changing its colours according to the rhythms and sounds of magical music, leading to an unique moment full of charm and enchanted for its privileged witnesses.


Last but not least, if you get hungry after the walk, you can always give a grand finale to your colourful and enlightening journey with special customised doughnuts, fitting perfectly with the occasion and season. Enjoy your meal surrounded with lights, music, colours and magic!


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