An Evening at Gunma Flower Park

Located just 20 minutes away from the Akagi Kronenberg German Town, Gunma Flower Park opens all year round with special events on various occasions. From the 1st of November 2014 to the 12th of January 2015, winter illumination was held. With 400 Yens for 2014 entrance and 300 Yens for 2015 entrance, the park starts the illumination from 4pm onwards.

photo 1

Just as seen from the entrance of the park, there are two children park mascots which tell that this park is suitable for bringing children. From illumination maze to trampolines, children will be very happy to visit.

Going inside the park, I noticed that the park is symmetric from left to right improving the aesthetics : a detail often absent in other illumination parks.

photo 5
photo 3

On the left and right sides of the park there are paths that are quite beautifully illuminated while at the center of the , a pond offers a nature atmosphere.

photo 4

A tree illuminated to create a beautiful contrast and outstanding focus in the middle of the park.
As the Christmas mood was still alive, the illumination also exhibits this marvelous illuminated Christmas tree with two angels depicted in both sides of the tree.

photo 10

Going to the right of the Christmas tree, there was a children’s playground where children can play the illumination maze, and the trampolines.

The illumination maze

From a tower built in the middle of the park, visitors can look both to the backside of the park and to the front side of the park while overlooking the scenery of Gunma Prefecture.

photo 7

The back side of the park taken from the park tower

photo 6

The front side of the park and scenery of Gunma prefecture taken from the park tower

Although the illumination event is finished for this year, you can still visit Gunma Flower Park all year long ! Have a look at the website and plan your visit when your favorite flowers are in bloom !

Website (in English)

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