A Visit to the Kotori Bird Cafe in Tokyo

Bird lovers everywhere get excited! There are now bird cafes in Japan! Different than owl cafés, bird cafés have no time limit within the café and offer a wide variety of birds to interact with! This article will cover the Kotori Café in Tokyo.



Only about an eight minute walk from the nearest station, Kotori Café is tucked away on a side road, pleasantly perched on the top of a hill. The first thing visitors will notice is the front window full of birds flying around a big tank-like cage.



The steps up to the café are decorated with plants and little bird ornaments, adding more charm to the exterior. When entering, one is met by a small talking parrot! It’ll say things in Japanese, as one passes through to the register and gift shop.


From there is the seating area. All tables are in view of birds, so there is no bad choice! After seating, a menu will be provided by the waitress. There are several drinks and bird-themed sweets to choose from.


Cute cheesecakes and donuts with birds drawn in the icing, cakes that look like birds and drinks served with cute plates and cups. The tea-for-two is served with a beautiful teapot and teacup set. A small cake is ¥800, and a cake drink set is ¥1500. Drinks alone are ¥500 to ¥900.


For an extra ¥540, visitors can spend 5 minutes with the birds in the play area. If choosing to play with the bids, this would be done before the food arrives. There are four birds available to pet and play with: a cockatoo, a finch, a cockatiel and a lovebird. Parties of two are allowed ten minutes with each person choosing one bird. A maximum of three people can be allowed in the play area at one time (in that case, 15 minutes will be allowed for play time). The bird play area is in a separate room with windows for viewing. After spending time with the birds and returning to the table, food that was ordered beforehand will be served.


Cakes and the donuts come in small cages, really adding to the bird theme! The cakes are made up of three layers: a bready cake bottom, whipped gelatin middle and a light, fluffy icing on top. Bird features, such as the beak and eyes, are colored white chocolate.



There are two main cages in the café: one in the front window as mentioned before and another one near the back. The front cage contains parakeets and cockatiels. The cage near the back is filled with lovebirds. The cages have a wide variety of toys, perches and snacks for the birds to enjoy. They chirp happily as they play together. The birds are so cute that visitors would be tempted to take one home! Although the real birds might not be available for purchase, the gift shop offers a wide variety of cute bird products! Bird pillows, bags, stuffed toys, pens, coasters and much more in stock ready for purchase!


The atmosphere of the café is pleasant. It’s a very relaxing animal café, where one doesn’t have to worry about a time limit and feel rushed. One can freely talk and relax, surrounded by many colorful birds. For more information about Kotori Café, visit their website here (Japanese only).

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