"Banei Tokachi" Obihiro Horse Race Track


Especially famous banei horse racing(Banei race track) among sightseeing point in Obihiro city started its management in 1953. The entertainment facility is managed by Obihiro city only in 2007.
Now,the entertainment facility as local horse racing is only place in Hokkaido prefecture. Banei horse racing is only one in world.
Banei horse racing is the facility with "Tokachimura" having diverse shop and "Fureai zoo" mixed with race track. You can enjoy there all day.
If you have been to Freai zoo, You can feed on "Ricky" as same size as racing horse. In addition to this, There are pony and rabbit. Families with children can enjoy the spot.
In Tokachimura, You can buy fresh groumet and vegitable sent from producing center. In saturday and sunday, there are flea market around Tokachimura.
Event is frequently conducted. Every time you went,you will be fun so many times.


The best highlight is Banei horse racing.
Banei horse racing is race that horse with 1 ton weight pull shed and run straight 200m track. There are two obstacle mountains on track. So, horse stop sometime on the way. You can see dramatic race.
You can see racing horse at close. If this time is first time, You will have gooseflesh as racing is powerful.


Out of racing horse, There are historical musium of Banei horse racing. You can learn the history of Banei horse racing there.

Banei Tokachi Obihiro Horse Race Track
Address: 9 Nishi13jominami, Obihiro, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-34-0825
Web: http://www.banei-keiba.or.jp/language/english.html

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