"Shichiku Garden" in Obihiro City


Shichiku Garden is Obihiro's famous tourist spot.

"I want to play with flowers all day," says the head of the garden Mrs. Akiyo Shichiku, who at the age of 63 took a completely barren vacant lot and started to create her garden, which eventually became a natural field of flowers. Currently, nearly 100,000 tourists per year visit this garden.

The attraction of this garden is the fact that you can really sense the season of your visit as you walk through the garden and see its flowers. It also has a play space for children and a swing straight out of a fairy tail, which are very fitting for this lovely garden.

You do need to pay a fee to enter, but you are able to pick as many flowers as you want. You can live out your childhood dream of picking flowers in a blooming meadow and returning home with a bouquet.

Shichiku Garden also has a cafe where you can eat a meal. You can view the flower garden while drinking black tea and eating scones. The country-style building is fitting for the location.

Shichiku Garden's famous "rose soft serve" is made with pink-colored cream and a green cone, which make it look like a rose. It also has its own unique flavor. Once you come here to visit, please give it a try.

The garden hosts 2,500 kinds of flowers that are grown without the help of herbicides, agricultural chemicals, or fertilizers and covers 59,504 square meters of area. The flowers even greet the winter in their beautiful natural form, which mesmerize the people who visit the garden.

Shichiku Garden
Address: 107 Nishi4sen, Biecho, Obihiro, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-60-2377
Business hours:
8:00~19:00(April 19th~November 3rd)
Entrance fee:
Adult 800JPY
child 200JPY
Web: http://www.hokkaido-garden.jp/english/

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