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A Brit that has been living and working in the Chubu region of Japan since 2010.

Japanese Words That Don't Translate Into English

Most of you who have tried to learn Japanese know that it is a truly difficult language for native English speakers to master. According to a Voxy study it takes around 2,200 hours of study to become proficient in the language when compared to just 575 with Spanish which is closer to our native tongue.

Japan’s Strangest Beers

Japan has recently experienced a boom in craft beers over the past few years as a result of a law-change that made it easier to produce beer on a smaller scale. Anyway, the title of this article is ‘Japan’s Strangest Beers’, so here is a list of five interesting beers that the country has produced in the last few years – some good, some bad!

Craft Beers in Nagoya

In a country that is more associated with Sake than Beer, there is a phenomenal amount of the latter to be sampled if you are visiting the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ in the near future.

Nagoya Meshi

Nagoya food is loved by locals but is often frowned upon by Japanese from other regions due to their heavy reliance on the strong, red miso that is often the base ingredient of many Nagoya dishes.

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