Craft Beers in Nagoya

In a country that is more associated with Sake than Beer, there is a phenomenal amount of the latter to be sampled if you are visiting the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ in the near future.

The Japanese beer market has traditionally been dominated by the big breweries such as Asahi, Kirin, Yebisu, Sapporo, etc. but since a law change a few years ago, there have been literally hundreds of microbreweries and bars popping up all over Japan.

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Whether you are in Tokyo, Osaka or smaller cities across the country, you should be able to find a craft beer bar close by. If Nagoya is a city on your itinerary during your stay and you fancy a good beer, why not try some of the bars listed below that specialize in craft beer.

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Y-Market Brewing

Y-Market is one of the more famous Craft Beer restaurants in Nagoya, with the establishment brewing its own beers downstairs assuring that all their beers are extremely fresh.

Not only is their beer excellent with a choice of around 6 beers at any given time, the smoke-free environment, great (and cheap) food and friendly staff will appeal to anyone who visits.

Y-Market is conveniently located near the Kokusai (International) Centre just one stop from Nagoya Station on the subway. If you prefer a leisurely stroll, it should take you just ten minutes from Nagoya’s main station.
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Brick Lane

Brick Lane is located in the Nishiki area of Nagoya adjacent to the busy shopping district of Sakae. The shop is not cheap but is a winner due to its menu (both food and beer) and quiet, modern atmosphere.

Brick Lane is becoming quite famous for their burgers and variety of beers – they usually serve a variety of around 10 Beers (and Ciders) on tap.

23 Craft Beerz

23 Craft Beerz has just traded in its original location in Marunochi to the more accessible new location near Chikusa Station two stops on the subway from Sakae.

You guessed it – this excellent venue offers an impressive 23 Craft Beers on their constantly changing menu. They usually have an excellent selection, with beers imported from North America, Europe and of course more local beers from breweries all over Japan.

23 Craft Beerz has a good, relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff and a good selection of food to nibble on while sampling as much of the beer menu as possible!


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Tap Room

Located in the Nagoya Station area, the Tap Room specialise in Japanese craft beers.

Their menu is extensive with beer from all over Japan available ranging from Nagoya’s Kinshachi Brewery to more internationally famous beers like Hitachino Nest from the Kiuchi Brewery. The menu is conveniently designed, with pictures of the beers in chalk so you can decide by style if you can’t by name alone.

The sizes of the beers are a little on the small side but their selection is good and a must if you’re visiting Japan and have an interest in trying a good few Japanese craft beers during your stay.
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Craft Beer Keg Nagoya

Craft Beer Keg Nagoya is located very close to Nagoya’s iconic TV tower in the centre of Sakae which makes the restaurant popular after a hard day at work or shopping. This stylish little pub offers a nice selection of Japanese micro-brews to sample with their food menu being decent.

The pub also offers a course menu which means you will be able to sample the beer and fill your stomach with food for the reasonable price of ¥5000 (which is pretty decent in Japan).

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