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Rei grew up in Devon, England, UK. She graduated from university with a 2:1 in Musical Theatre.

After qualifying as a teacher, Rei moved to Tokyo, Japan, and is currently working as a manager of an international kindergarten.

Rei is a keen storyteller, and is currently working on several writing projects.

For more information about Rei or her writing projects, please visit her blog, her Facebook or her Twitter.

Shibazakura Festival

The Shibazakura (Lawn Cherry) Festival was always something I had wondered about. In all my three experience in Japan, I had not even set foot at the festival. This year came around and I put my foot down. It was now time to visit the famous Shibazakura Festival.

The Sushi Etiquette

You are sitting at the table in this sushi restaurant, with your plate of sushi in front of you. You start eating your sushi, and as you are looking around you notice that people are looking at you shocked, surprised, and maybe even a little bit disgusted. That's very unlikely. In fact, it's because you are doing something that is not part of the sushi etiquette. Yes, there is an etiquette!

Grooving in Yoyogi

Yoyogi Park first opened for the use of US military personnel. They used it as a residential area. In 1964 it became the Olympic Village for the Tokyo Olympics. It’s officially opened as a park in 1967. It has been noted as one of the largest parks in Tokyo. It has a wide array of lawns, a dog walking area, a large pond with a fountain, and a ginko tree forest that turns gold in the autumn.

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