Hanami Party in Nihonbashi

This week there is a small party in Nihonbashi to celebrate Sakura season.

Nihonbashi was Japan's original fish market. In 1923, it was moved to Tsukiji, due to the earthquake that devestated Tokyo. Due to this you may see a lot of shops handling seaweed and fish.

There are very few trees in this area, but the attractions are the Fukutoku Shrine. The shrine was first built in the 9th century. Whilst Nihonbashi was being built it had to endure being move around the city a lot.

It's a small shrine, and it has a fairly modern and clean look in comparison to the rustic shrines that you might find in the older skirts or Tokyo. The reason is because they finished building it last month. It looks very fresh.

There you can observe people praying and you can buy souvenir charms too.


Please be aware that there is currently building works behind the shrine. They are working on a new forest to go behind it. It does not impair on the vision of the shrine.


And Coredo Muromachi.

Photo : Dick Thomas Johnson on Flickr

Coredo Muromachi is the shopping centre. It's been decked out in LED with a Sakura theme for Hanami. They are switched on in the evening. The evening is the recommended time to see the shopping centre, because the LED turns it pink, and there are pretty holler gram displays.

They also have pretty floaty material. The material hangs above the shopping area. It's got a certain tranquility about it when it moves in the breeze.


The shopping area is serving up lots of delicious treats and meals. A lot of them are taking on Sakura themes. Be sure to take enough money, because the Nihonbashi dining areas can be a little pricey.

In Coredo Muromachi 2 and 3, they like to hold up the area of tradition for foreigners. In Coredo Muromach 3 they have a traditional tea ceremony room called Kyoraku-tei. They can also give you the experience of wearing a kimono.

Of course, there is a small Starbucks nearby, if you don't want a tea ceremony. They have been serving up sweet Sakura flavoured coffees, hot chocolates, lattes and ice lattes.

One of things the Japanese know how to do well is Sakura.

From now until April 10th, there will be bars set up in the shopping area for people to drink. Please make sure you bring money, as these won't be free bars. They will be serving Japanese beer and maybe some Sakura inspired cocktails.

The times do vary, but the centre is open all day.

The street behind the shopping area plays host to a line of Sakura trees. They should be beginning to bloom from now.


These trees are not as old as some of the others as Nihonbashi is still a fairly new area.

Most Sakura events generally of the duration of the blooming.

It's free to view the area, but you will have to pay for drinks.

Access is from Mitsukoshimae Station (Ginza, Hanzomon lines), exit A6. Just turn right when you are out of the exit and you will see the shrine. If you walk towards the shrine, the shopping centre should be right behind you.

Even if you miss the event, the shrine is worth a visit and the shopping centre is definitely worth the browse.

2-2-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Happy drinking!

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