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A Chance to Help Elderly Dogs in Japan This Summer

Want to do something that will make a difference, something that will make you feel good doing and will even brighten your day with your own kindness? For a quarter of a century Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) has been rescuing dogs and cats that no one else wanted. They do a great job of rehoming lucky, grateful pets to animal lovers in Tokyo and Osaka and have helped thousands of both cats and dogs find new happy lives over the years. Some dogs though just aren't as lucky I guess, but sure would appreciate your help.

ARK shelter dog looking for a loving home

These are the elderly dogs that come to ARK and live in their own special area of the facilities. They’re faithful poochs that will likely remain institutionalized, so to speak, until they pass away. You can help them this summer by supporting their care and feeding. It's a simple way to spread a little love, just what the world needs now more than ever.

ARK elderly dogs

Maho & Duane are riding August 18th–25th for these dogs and we’re earnestly asking for your kind support. We’ll be riding from Niigata City 250 km, along the beautiful Sea of Japan, to Toyama City. We call this bike-a-thon Pedaling for Paws and you can pledge your support for ARK’s elderly dogs on our event webpage.

Cycling along the Sea of Japan coast
Previous Pedaling for Paws in Saitama

After pledging, please check out ARK’s website to have a better look at the great work they do and all the opportunities to become further involved in helping animal rescue efforts in Japan.
Please think about our four-legged friends who have been forgotten and help us help them. Pledge your support now. It feels great to know you’ve made a difference!

Pedaling For Paws Event Website

ARK Website

Nihonkai Sea of Japan sunset
Sea of Japan Sunset

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