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Shimabara – Kyoto’s Forgotten Courtesan's District

The area to the west of Kyoto main station has gone through major changes in recent years. Ume Koji Park has seen the construction of the popular Kyoto Aquarium, the upgrading and renovation of Kyoto Railway Museum, a new café in the park and new children’s playground. These changes have brought in many more visitors to the area and because of this, a new station has just opened between Kyoto and Tambaguchi, Ume Koji Nishi Kyoto.

Hino: City of the Shinsengumi

While many aficionados of Japanese history are familiar with the story of the Shinsengumi’s rise to prominence and downfall in Kyoto as well as their last stand in Hokkaido, the origins of many of the Shinsengumi’s most prominent members in Hino City are less well known.

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