Writer: Steve McCarty

Professor Steve McCarty is from Boston and specialized in Japan at the University of Hawaii. He also studied journalism and worked in the State House of Representatives. He moved to Western Japan in 1980 and did field research on the Pilgrimage of Shikoku, later publishing guidebooks with local teachers on Kagawa Prefecture and Shikoku island. He published many newspaper articles and haiku poems in English and Japanese. Promoted to full Professor in 1993, he turned to more academic publications. Google Scholar has found 288 citations to his 184 publications.

He has been married to a registered nurse from Nagoya for 30 years, raising two sons who now work full-time in the IT and entertainment industries in Tokyo. Steve lives near Kyoto and occasionally guides visitors around the Kansai region and Tokyo.

He teaches international classes and does faculty development for Kansai University, also Osaka Jogakuin University and the KIC Graduate School of IT in Kobe. One graduate school English Communication class he teaches at the Kansai University Faculty of Business and Commerce focuses on the tourism industry.

He also lectures for the national government, introducing Japanese People and Society to government delegations training at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Kansai center. His next keynote address, on the impact of the global digital society, will open the 2019 International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences in Thailand.

His publications on Japan are available online.



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