Pokémon Illumination in Sagamihara

Shiny Pokémon Everywhere – Pokémon Illumination in Sagamihara

Winter is illumination season in Japan. A popular illumination spot in the Kanto Area is the amusement park Pleasure Forest in Sagamihara. They illuminate the whole park every night in the winter months. This year they have a special collaboration with Pokémon and a part of the illumination has been redesigned in a Pokémon fashion.

How to Get There

The park is quite far from the nearest train stations and is best accessed by bus. You can take the bus from the Sagamiko station to the "Pleasure Forest Mae" bus stop. It takes about 8 minutes. On Saturdays and Sundays, there also is a bus leaving from Hashimoto station that takes about 45 minutes.

Which Ticket Should You Choose?

The park has several tickets you can choose from. If you only want to see the illumination, a simple entry ticket would be the best choice. It costs 1,000 per person and lets you enter after 4 PM. If you also want to enjoy the rides in the park there also is a night free pass available. It costs 2,600 Yen per person. You can enter after 4 PM and ride all the rides as much as you want. With a simple entry ticket, you will have to purchase single ride tickets if you want to go on rides.

The Pokémon Illumination

The Pokémon Illumination is limited to the upper area of the park. During night-time, you must take a lift to the upper area. A lift ticket is 700 Yen for a round trip. With a free pass, you can ride the lift as much as you want, so if you plan to go up and down several times, a free pass might be the better choice.

The lift that was redesigned with an Eevee theme is already part of the Pokémon Illumination. After you get off the lift you first pass the Pokémon Ferris wheel. A ride on the wheel is 600 Yen if do not have a free pass. Then you can walk along the Pokémon street to the Pikachu forest. The forest is the highlight of the illumination. Every few minutes you can enjoy a light show illustrating the Gigantamax Evolution of Pikachu.

Special Pikachu Events

During the Pokémon Illumination collaboration, certain special events are held as well. On weekends and holidays, you can enjoy a special show before the illumination is turned on, on a stage in the Pikachu Forest. In order to see the show, you will have to pre-order your tickets on this website.

The price is the same as for regular tickets, however, the number of tickets that also grant access to the Pikachu show is limited.

Additionally, you have the chance to take part in a Pikachu photo session every day. Participants for the photo session are chosen randomly from everyone that registered at the souvenir shop near the entrance of the park until 16:30. If you are one of the lucky winners, you get the chance to take pictures of Pikachu in front of the illumination for a few minutes.

The Pokémon illumination event is ongoing until April 4. 2021. I can recommend a visit to fans of the franchise. Especially if you have never been to Pleasure Forest before. The Pokémon area itself is not that big but together with the regular illumination, you have a lot to look at.

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