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Japanese Cosmetics Compared to Other Countries

Makeup trends from other Asian nations have been gradually growing popular among young women in Japan. The other Asian country with similar popular makeup trends are within close proximity of Japan: Korea. Both have different tastes in appearance and words but they keep evolving, both sharing similar qualities.

Called 'hwajangpum' in Korean, the high quality of these cosmetics has caused wide-spread blending amongst Japanese cosmetics or 'kosume'.

Face Makeup

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Starting from facial makeup, Japanese and Korean makeup uses face products by different brands. They use BB Creams to cover any discoloration around the face. As people age, there is no doubt that their skin changes. BB creams often contain sun block also known as SPF in order to minimize the damage from the sun's UV radiation. Korean BB creams tend to aim for brighter skin color. In their makeup rules, lighter foundation or BB creams are great for enhancing youthful skin while Japanese makeup uses color that matches their skin color to look more natural.

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Concealer is needed to cover their eye bags and darkness under the eyes in places where the BB cream cannot cover, for example the pigmentation beside the nose that women have because of maturity. Both Japanese and Korean use concealer for the same purpose of hiding it.

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By aiming for a fresh look, blush is a must. It gives the face a color and makes it look more awake. What differentiates them is the amount of product that they use. Korean makeup uses just a hint of blush so that their faces will not look flat whereas Japanese makeup use intense blush on their cheeks and many people like to use it more than just their cheeks by covering under the eyes as well and usually reach to the side of the nose. 

Eye Makeup

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This is particularly popular in Asia, but nowadays they like to make their eyes a different color and use bold and dark eye makeup known as gyaru. But these days that trend has changed. It is kind of hard to look at the differences on their eye makeup. Japanese and Korean use light pastel colors like peach, light orange, lavender and pink on the lids and some shimmery pale colors on the inner corners or tear duct areas. The difference is Korean would likely to use the shimmery colors to their lower lash line and small winged eyeliner. Japanese rarely uses winged eyeliner, instead they use it on the upper water line just to define their eye shape.


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Japanese lipstick usually just follows their natural lip shape and use a lip gloss to make dewy and plum lips. On the other hand, Korean makeup uses ombré colors. They use this method to make their lips to look thin and petite. Concealer are also needed to give the ombré effect. Just give a dot of concealer on your cupid's bow and on the lower lip after you apply the lip color that you want, then dab it around your lip and, there you go, ombré lip you have.


Whether it’s Korean or Japanese makeup, their differences are also what make them fun. It is not a requirement to wear makeup everyday and it depends on each individual person, how you want to expose your original-style to other people. The differences are not that big but can be noticed by anyone who has been to either of these countries.

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