Asagiri Beach

Enjoying Barbeque at Asagiri Beach: A Perfect Summer Experience near Kobe

Summers always draw people toward the beach. Living in a high-humidity country like Japan makes it difficult to refuse this invitation. For people living in Kobe or nearby cities in Hyogo prefecture, Suma beach is the most popular option. However, because of being overcrowded during vacations, Suma is often rejected and people take advantage of Asagiri Beach, located on the opposite side of Awaji Bridge towards the West. This Asagiri Beach is relatively short in length. However, the availability of a shaded sitting area, a Children’s Park, a beautiful view of Awaji Bridge, and most importantly the opportunity to make and enjoy a barbeque meal at the corner of the beach make it a highly attractive beach.

Asagiri Beach is located right next to the Asagiri Station. As you exit the station, a bridge connects you to the beach side. A convenience store and a Co-op store are located outside the station, making it easy for you buy drinks and other small stuff as you need it. This is the bridge that connects Asagiri Station to the beach:

bridge from Asagiri Station

As you cross the bridge, you get the full view of the beach in front of you.

Asagiri Beach panorama

Asagiri Beach panorama 2

In our case, we reached there around 12 noon and stayed two hours in the water. The good thing about this time is that the depth of the water is safe for adults who do not know how to swim. So even if you don’t swim, feel free to jump in the water. The safe limit is indicated with a rope. However, in some places, the beach sand has stones with pointed corners, so you still need to be careful.

So, it is a good idea to include bandages when you prepare your bag to bring. Alternatively, you may want to keep a pair of socks with you if you find out that all the pointed stones are conspiring against you. Once you are done with swimming, you can take a shower at the specified booths. The shower runs the water over you for a minute if you insert a hundred-yen coin. Yes, a minute ends in 60 seconds at this beach as well. So if you plan to reflect upon something while you take a shower, take an extra 100 yen coin with you. Anyways, apart from the couple of restrictions for this beach as shown in the picture below, you will like playing in the water.

The most memorable part of this journey was the barbeque time. In our case, we had the reservation of the barbeque table from 2pm to 5pm. You can choose from either of the three slots: 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm, or 6pm to 9pm. Initally, we wanted to have the last slot to enjoy the barbeque at night. However, all tables were already booked for the last slot, so we went for the second last slot. In principle, you are required to bring everything on your own: coals, meat, fire gel, match sticks, etc. By paying 1200 yen per adult, you just get access to the dining table and the barbeque stand. For further information, you can visit the homepage:

Barbeque at Asagiri Beach

After we were done with the barbeque, we went to the east end of the beach, and spent time in the children’s park. This was the peak time to play soccer or baseball on the beach as the sunlight had lost its intensity by this time. Our target was to stay here a little after the sunset to see the night view of the Awaji Bridge.

Children's Park at Asagiri Beach

As we had expected, the night view was beautiful. The lights at the bridge were changing colors, and we were happy to realize that staying late after the sunset had paid off.

Night view of Awaji Bridge lit up

As I visited this beach on 12th of August, 2017 – at the peak of summers in japan, I bring with me the memories of playing in the beach water, having barbeque, playing soccer in the sand and capturing the night view of Awaji Bridge. I wish you best of luck for the same!

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