Pump-up Your Adrenaline!: Heart-racing Sports in Japan

A lot of tourists in Japan often go to temples and shrines or visit popular landmarks. However, there is so much more Japan can offer aside from these typical tourist spots. If you are traveling for adventure and want to pump your adrenaline up, then here are some exciting activities that you can do on your next trip to Japan.

White Water Rafting (Gunma)

Kamimoku International Village on Wikimedia.

If you want to try this activity, then hop on the train and head straight to Gunma. From Tokyo or Ueno Station, you can ride a bullet train and a bus for just an hour and a half to reach the rafting spot. However, if you want to pay a decent amount and enjoy the scenery, you may also go via local train for approximately three hours. Though white water rafting is the main attraction of this area, they also offer other water sports activities such as kayaking, canyon-sliding, and jumping from falls from cliffs.

These activities are indeed extreme, but worth a try. All instructors are fluent in English, so communication will never be difficult. The best part, the customer service is always available 7 days a week from 8:00am to 5:00pm, you can easily make a reservation. For more information, you may also visit their website.

Wind Surfing (Kanagawa)

Tadashi Okoshi on Wikimedia 

Another interesting activity to do is wind surfing. From Shibuya, you can easily go to Zushi, Kanagawa for less than an hour and a half. The place is very scenic and Zushi’s beach is quite beautiful. You can get a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, while enjoying wind surfing in the area. Also, the waves are not very strong so it is very safe for kids to swim and play in the shore.

The starter cost is around 3,000 yen depending on what wind surfing school you want to attend; and the price goes higher depending on what program you are going to try. Although the websites are in Japanese, the telephone operators are very kind and accommodating. Since summer is a very hectic season, it is good to make a reservation two weeks ahead. The most popular wind surfing schools in the area are J-Wind and Marine Blue.

Bungee Jumping (Gunma and Ibaraki)

bungeeinternational0 on Pixabay

If you want to accept the challenge of becoming a human yo-yo for a minute, then try bungee jumping. The nearest to Tokyo are Gunma and Ibaraki which are all free-falls from suspension bridges. The one in Gunma is actually the third tallest bridge in Japan. The price of bungee jumping varies depending on location, but the cheapest one would be the one in Gunma at just 11,000 yen.

However, you need to remember than only jumpers 15 years and above and those not weighing more than 105 kilos can do this activity. For more information, you may visit their website.

Skydiving (Saitama)

If you are willing to see the Kanto area in a bird’s eye perspective, then this is the activity for you. Jumping from a plate 12,500 ft. high, you will be able to see a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay, and other gigantic structures around Tokyo.

To make a reservation, you need to book ahead at Tokyo Skydiving Club’s website. Although the company name says Tokyo, the diving spot is actually in Saitama – an hour away from Ikebukuro via train (40 mins.) and bus (20 mins.). The prices vary depending on the package you will choose but it is roughly around 30,000 to 48,000 yen.

All these activities are breath taking and one may even say insane. However, doing such will surely give you a different perspective on what Japan feels like.

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