Sekai no Meiken Bokujo: A Haven for Dog Lovers in Gunma!

Japan is a country of animal lovers. As well as the famous cat cafes, we’ve also seen cute establishments with dogs, owls, and even hedgehogs. Although it can be difficult to have a pet of your own in Japan as an expat, especially if you live in the city, there are plenty of places to go where you can spend time with cute animals and get your fluff fix. One of these is “Sekai no Meiken Bokujo” a communication park for dogs and people, in Gunma Prefecture.

This dog park has everything a canine lover could need: it’s got a large, open space where you can walk your pets, a pet store, a gift shop, a café, and most importantly, a row of pens filled with many different types of dogs that you can feed, pet, and play with!

The Small Dogs

There were several pens with small dogs inside such as Chihuahuas, French bulldogs, Japanese spitz, cocker spaniels, and more. Each pen had pictures of the dogs, their breed, and their name on the outside.

The dogs come up to you to sit on your lap and be petted. They’re extremely friendly dogs but honestly not the most well-trained. If you love small dogs and you’d love to cuddle some, this is a great place to be to meet some enthusiastic and very sweet puppies. They aren’t afraid of people and the children at the park looked like they were having a lot of fun as well.

You can get small packets of food from the nearby desk. Beware though, when the dogs see that you have treats, they’ll swarm you!

The Large Dogs

Although the smaller dogs are the most popular, the park is also home to larger ones such as Labradors, huskies, and other big dogs. However, you couldn’t go inside their pens to pet them; I suppose this was in case they bit.

Dog Hills

The large grassy hill, named Dog Hills, is a great place where you can walk your own dogs. You can also choose one of the dogs on site to take on a walk for thirty minutes if you wish! We saw lots of children walking along happily with the puppies. It’s a great way to ensure that the dogs get enough exercise.

Extra Activities

You don’t have to have your own dog to visit this park, but the area also has activities for owners. As well as being able to walk your dog in the open space, there are also informal time races to test your dog’s speed. These were really fun to watch; because it was casual, sometimes people’s dogs went speeding off in the wrong direction, or didn’t move at all! It was incredibly entertaining.


There is also a shop where you can buy treats, toys, and collars for your pet. There is also a section selling puppies so you can take some home for your very own! There is also a café on site.

Access and Admission

Entry is 650 yen for adults, 450 yen for children older than four years old, free for those who are three years old or younger, and 450 yen for each dog you bring along.

To get there by public transport, from Maebashi Station, take the Kanetsu Bus bound for Fujimi Onsen. Get off at Fujimi Onsen and the park is around a three-minute walk from there. You can also get there by car.

Whether you have your own dog or not, this fantastic park is a great way to have fun and connect with man’s best friend. The park also has seasonal events, so be sure to check the calendar on their site to see if there’s anything on when you go. Get to know these sweet, fun loving puppies, take them for walks, feed them, and get a treat for your own dog as well.

Dog Park Official Website

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