Some of the Must-see Best Autumn-leaf Viewing Spots in Koshinetsu Area!


Japan offers a wide variety of beautiful autumn-leaf viewing spots all over.
But many of you must be having hard time deciding where to go, when you are given so many options of great autumn-leaf viewing spots to choose from. Let us show you some of the must-go autumn-leaf viewing spots in Nagano, Niigata and Yamanashi, that are acclaimed as the areas offering the most beautiful autumn leaves for those have a chance to visit Koshinetsu area!

Kamikochi (Nagano)

Nagano’s renowned Kamikochi is situated in Matsumoto-shi. The areas said to be one the most beautiful autumn-leaf viewing spots are at the vicinity of Taisho-ike pond and Kappa-bashi Bridge. The reflection of the trees dressed in beautiful colors on the lake surface is stunningly beautiful.

Karasawa (Nagano)

Kamikochi offers another area for viewing of beautiful autumn leaves – Karasawa area. If you are a nature photographer, this is one of the mountains that you want to shoot at least once in your life time.

Karuizawa (Nagano)

Karuizawa is the most famous summer resort and tourist attraction in Nagano. The Emperor and Empress have their summer vacation in their villa located in Karuizawa. In this highly popular Karuizawa, you can even enjoy viewing autumn leaves in the town that you will be able to achieve the relaxation of your mind and body by just taking a walk around the town.

Tateyama Kurobe (Toyama & Nagano)

The autumn leaves in Tateyama Kurobe are very colorful as there are deep green of Siberian dwarf pines, and the light green of Chishima zasa (Sasa kurilensis) in addition to the red and yellow. The best viewing time for the autumn leaves there is from the end of September to the beginning of November.

Kagami-ike Pond (Nagano)

As its name suggests, Kagami-ike (mirror pond) Pond reflects the autumn leaves decorating the Togakushi Mountain Range as if it is a mirror. You can enjoy the beautiful contrast created by the surface of the pond and the image of mountains from here.

Bijin-bayashi Forest (Niigata)

Bijin-bayashi Forest in Niigata prefecture offers pristine air, where you can enjoy forest bathing. Enjoy the nature rich scenery filled with autumn leaves in the midst of vast expanse of 90-year old beech forest

Rice Terraces of Hoshi-toge (Niigata)

“Rice terraces of Hoshi-toge”, an area selected as one of the “Nihon no sato 100-sen (100 best villages in Japan”, is situated in Matsushiro area. This is a very popular area among photographers from all over Japan. The beautiful autumn leaves by the rice terraces there is something you should see.

Hodaka (Nagano)

Hodaka Mountain Range in Japanese Northern Alps offers you beautiful scenery with the beautiful rock ridges, and the contrast created by the rocks and the red from autumn leaves is stunning.

Kumoba-ike Pond (Nagano)

Kumoba-ike Pond in Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku –gun is a pond also known by its nickname, Swan lake, and it features beautiful reflection of red autumn leaves on its surface.

Norikura (Gifu)

This is a scenic site where you can enjoy the view of Mt. Norikura. There is Noirikura Skyline which extends from Hirayu-toge to Tatamidaira and reaching the altitude of 2702m (8864.8ft) above sea level. You can enjoy the gradation of autumn leaves along the skyline due to the difference in the altitude.

Yatsugatae Mountains (Nagano)

On Yatsugatake Mountains, various types of trees start changing their color from the beginning of October to the beginning of November. You can enjoy viewing beautiful autumn leaves in golden yellow from Japanese larch and Silver birch from November.

Lake Kawaguchi-ko (Yamanashi)

The best autumn-leaf viewing time in the Lake Kawaguchi-ko is November.
In addition, they hold Fuji Kawaguchi-ko Momiji Matsuri (Autumn leaf festival) in November. The lake offers many shutter chances for photographers as trees dressed in red are so beautiful with the Mt. Fuji as their backdrop.

There are so many picturesque sceneries offered by nature-rich Koshinetsu area. Let’s see how many of these areas you can visit!

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