10 of the must-see best autumn-leaf viewing spots in Tokai Area

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Tokai area, famous for Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine), Nagoya Castle, and Miho-no-Matsubara, also has many wonderful autumn-leaf viewing spots. Here is a glimpse of the must-see autumn-leaf viewing spots. This article will give you a comprehensive knowledge on the autumn-leaf viewing spots in the Tokai area.

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1.Shirakawa-go (Gifu)

Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO world heritage site is a immensely popular area.
The very beautiful “village with Gassho-style houses” of Shirakawa-go is famous not only for it's surreal snow-covered winter scenery but also for it's picturesque scenery in the autumn. The combination of the village with the autumn leaves along the mountain as a backdrop is sure to steal your heart.


2.Shin Hodaka Ropeway (Gifu)

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Shin Hodaka Ropeway, at Gifu prefecture, presents a stunningly beautiful view of the autumn leaves as they change their color from vivid red to yellow scattered along the mountains below. The peaks of the mountain starts changing its color from September-end, with the autumn leaves gradually descending to the foothills over the course of a month. The spectacular gradation is worth watching.


3.Hida-no-Sato (Gifu)

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Hida-no-sato, a popular tourist attraction, is situated in Takayama-shi, Gifu prefecture.
This area offers a traditional scenery reflecting the old-times, featuring the characteristic Gassho-style old farmhouses that have been relocated and restored, very distinctive of the Hida region. The combination of old farmhouses and changing hues of autumn leaves, is indeed, fascinating.


4.Gero Onsen Gassho-Mura (Gifu)


Gero Onsen Gassho-Mura is an area where a village has been recreated with old Gassho-style farmhouses relocated from places like Shirakawa-go. The maple trees in front of Kyu Odo-ke house, a national important cultural property, changes its color in vivid red, and creates a marvelous contrast with the building.


5.Shuzenji (Shizuoka)

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Shuzenji is one of the most popular Onsen towns in the onsen-famous Izu area. A remarkable view of autumn-leaves can be enjoyed along the shores of the river flowing in the onsen village.
The favorite autumn-leaf viewing spots are Momiji Bayashi (Maple Forest) in Shuzenji Shizen Koen Park, and Shuzenji Niji-no-sato.


6.Koran-kei (Aichi)

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Koran-kei Gorge is located in Toyoda-shi, Aichi prefecture, where the automotive giant, Toyota has originated, and is believed to have 4,000 maple trees. The 'Foliage' here is breathtakingly beautiful.


7.Kojaku-ji Temple (Aichi)


Kojaku-ji Temple, popular as the origin of the temples of autumn leaves, when the 11th priest of Kojaku-ji, Sanei planted maple and pine trees after reading Buddhist scriptures. The temple is a re-known autumn-leaf viewing spot in the area.


8.Taigetsu-kyo Bridge (Aichi)

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Taigetsu-kyo Bridge is a red bridge over the Tomoe River which runs through Koran-kei Gorge. The bridge blends beautifully with the scenery of Iimori-yama hills in the backdrop, and attracts many people as a favorite photo-shooting spot during the autumn-leaf viewing season.


9.Koochi-dani (Mie)


Koochi-dani is popular throughout the year for its beautiful scenery and is highly acclaimed in the autumn. The valley located near Shoren-ji Lake provides a magnificent view of the mountains changing their color from green to red, yellow and orange; leaving unforgettable imprints in the minds of the tourists.


10.Ise Jingu Naiku Shinen (Mie)


Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine) is a tourist attraction that you definitely do not want to miss in the Tokai area. The inner-shrine site is a sacred natural place serving as 'power spots'. The lush green trees along the shore of the river change their colors in autumn. The reflection of the autumn leaves on the surface of the river is not only marvelous but also ethereal.

Any of these famous autumn-leaf viewing areas, as introduced above, will make your visit worth your while! Make sure to visit as much as you can and explore natural delights offered by Autumn!

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