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Chrysanthemum Doll Shows and Autumn Colors

Autumn is the season of colours all around us. The red, orange and yellow colours of various trees and plants provide a feast everyone’s eye. Every mountain, valley and the pathways of Japan will be adorned with beautiful colours by the nature. The appearance of the entire nature around us also changes with the onset of Autumn season by mid-October. There are still some special locations that are famous for the autumn foliage view all around Japan.

In the Chubu region of Japan, the regions in and around the two main castles located in Nagoya and Gifu are also famous for the autumn colours and a famous chrysanthemum flower and doll festival held in autumn. Chrysanthemums are the flowers that are abundant in the autumn season and many places in Japan have Chrysanthemum festivals held during this period.

Autumn colours and Chrysanthemum festival of Gifu Park


The Gifu Park is located in the Gifu prefecture of the Chubu region of Japan. This park has a Museum of History, an Insect Museum, an Art Museum, a wide and beautiful park, a three storied reddish pagoda, a ropeway, a Squirrel village, and the famous Gifu Castle located on the top of the Mt. Kinka.

The huge park area is always beautiful with various flowers, fountains, beautiful ponds, small bridges across the ponds, some statues, etc. There are hiking trails and ropeway to reach the top of Mount Kinka so as to visit the Castle of Gifu. It is said that the Kinka-san got its name due to the presence of a large number of Ginko trees all across the mountain which turns to golden yellow colour thereby making the entire mountain glitter like Gold (kin) during the autumn season.


The maple trees and the other plants and trees in the park area as well as the mountain together attains its reddish and yellowish colours thereby changing the entire outlook of the Park and the surrounding areas. One of the main attractions during this time is the Chrysanthemum flower show and a doll show conducted here which starts from late October and lasts till the end of November. There will be thousands of pots of Chrysanthemum flowers being exhibited here.

The show starts from aside the entrance of the park at a beautiful fountain with flowers surrounding its four sides and a statue standing at the middle. The stalls in the park area have so many varieties and colours of Chrysanthemum flower pots arranged there in an elegant manner.


The doll show of Gifu Park is mainly based on the theme of Oda Nobunaga and his soldiers. The statues of Nobunaga and his soldiers will be made using the chrysanthemum flowers. Their dressings and weapons everything will be made using flowers of various colours. There will be an arch made across the gate of the hiking trails inside the park.

Walking through the trails or taking the ropeway to the top of Mount Kinka, both offers different experiences during the autumn season. The thick woods when viewed from the Ropeway car, could be seen covered with various colours. A seven-minute ropeway ride will not really satisfy us during this season as it ends too soon before enjoying the beauty of Kinkasan at its most. From the observation deck of the castle we could feel the autumn beauty of the Gifu region and the Mount Kinka.


Chrysanthemum doll show and the autumn beauty of Nagoya Castle and surroundings


Nagoya Castle is one of the famous and big castles of the country. The great castle surrounded by huge stone walls and water bodies is a typical one of Japan. There is a wide garden surrounding this area.

In the grounds of the Nagoya Castle, there will be a Chrysanthemum flower show held during the same time period, starting from October last to the November last. There will be a lot of Bonsai pots of chrysanthemum plants that are carried from various parts of Aichi prefecture. Apart from the flower show held at the Gifu Park, different themes are displayed in the doll show every year.


Along with the flower show, the flower dolls made of Chrysanthemum are the main part of attraction in this place also. Dolls wearing Kimonos made with Chrysanthemum flowers of various colours is really an amazing sight.


There will be small huts, water turbines etc, decorated with the chrysanthemum flowers and pots around it. The large number of flower pots displayed in the garden area exhibits a wide variety of chrysanthemum flowers, varying in colour, size and shape. The view from the castle observation desk also gives the beautiful scenery of the Nagoya city and its surroundings in autumn.


Apart from these there are many other parks and places around the Nagoya city that are famous for the autumn foliage.

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