Fantastic Marine Show at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama

The aquarium features a gigantic tank with over 30 different varieties of sea animals with more than 60,000 fish living in the warm Pacific coastal waters. At the dynamic setting, about 500,000 sardines play the lead characters with a wide variety of larger ocean animals, and they present an exciting performance. It even has a storyline where millions of individual sardines make a tight ball, and fight against predator species from the water and sky. Visitors will be enthralled by mysterious scenery of a natural phenomenon, taking advantage of sardine’s tendency to group together as a defense mechanism.


Powerful surrounding sound and amazing illuminations will collaborate with the shoal of fish running away from larger ocean predators such as gray nurse shark, stingray and so on.

In the front of the sea tank on the first floor, the large space affords dynamic views from multiple directions through the large acrylic window of 8 meters in height. Like the sea is as varied as it is beautiful, visitors enjoy seasonal and daily changes through the display and lighting in the sea tank: Blue, reflecting the image of tranquility, is for the scene where a shoal of fish runs elegantly. Red, the image of danger, is for the scene where gray nurse sharks and stingrays are chasing sardine’s group.


Depth of colors and lighting from multiple directions make it possible to create magical projected world inside the sea tank.

Together with the show, Projection Mapping technology is also used in the front part of the sea tank, projecting various images of gannets flying on to the shining water surface, tuna, massive whales and other large sea animals. Mysterious images match up with the real fish swimming around inside the tank, offering visitors a totally new entertainment experience.



Location : Hakkeijima, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
When : From April 15th. The show is held three to six times a day.
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