What To See And What To Do On Kasai Coast

Just a short drive from Tokyo Disney Sea, one could not deny that the pleasant nature of Kasai Rinkai Park, an oceanfront garden opened in 1989, awaits to embrace visitors. Sprawling over 80 hectares, it is the largest park in Tokyo 23 wards areas offering great fun outdoor recreation including lively and dynamic water sports like jet skiing, sailing, and yachting.


Ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel

At a height of 117 meters, the Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel boasts the tallest Ferris Wheel in Japan. A ride on this majestic wheel let you survey this huge seaside park and enjoy the enchanting view of the metropolis skyline from bird eye view. If you're lucky you will catch the sight of Mt. Fuji from far away.

Interact with Nature


Instead of fine white sand, Kasai beach contains a mix of tiny gravel and seashell fragment and by no means can beat a pristine white idyll of the coast around the Okinawa, Nonetheless, this Tokyo beach exudes cheerful charms and incredibly abundant nature. Thanks to the efforts of restoring and preserving Tokyo Bay ‘s inhabitants that began more than 50 years ago, the muddy beach and the blue sea are now a home to many sea creatures including Mudskippers, one of the endangered species in Japan. On a clear day, the beach is usually packed with kids digging clams, fishing crabs, flying kites and chasing sea birds.

For nature lovers and photo enthusiasts, the 27 hectare “Bird Sanctuary" is where you can observe the wonders of nature including many wild birds. The place houses the "Crystal View", an extra clear glass-walled observatory and other state of art facilities for watching wild birds roaming freely.

Discover the Wonders of the Sea at Tokyo Sea Life Park


A mellow walk from the bird sanctuary, lead you to Tokyo Sea Life Park, an aquarium that heaves into a view afloat on Tokyo Bay, where you can meet the schools of bluefin tuna racing in the donut-shaped fish tank. Other highlights include fish feeding shows and a shark touch exhibit where you can touch the nose of the shark, starfish and stingrays.

Cycle along Tokyo Bay


Kasai coastline offers one of the best cycling routes in the city. The warm ocean breeze and the breathtaking cityscape view draw in a steady stream of local cyclist throughout the year. However, there is no bike rental shop in the park. Hence, for tourists, it’s easier to ride from the heart of the city. Don't fret, roads in Japan are safe even for very small kids. Rent your ride from local rental services that provide amazing options for all levels of cyclists; from novelty mountain bikes, powerful electric assist bikes to colorful character featured bikes for small riders.

Enjoy Your Meal by the Sea

Kasai beach features many different food vending vans and stalls to please any palate so you could stay within the beauty of the park and do not have to fight for long queues in the city. If you’re here on weekday or off peak season, throw in your favorite bento and enjoy your lunch by the sea. Or try a scrumptious tuna katsu curry at the "Sea Wind", Tokyo Sea Life‘s cafeteria, seat in an open air zone and watch the world go by.

View Cherry Blossoms


Kasai Rinkai Koen houses nearly 2,000 cherry trees making it‘s as one of the best Sakura viewing spots in the city. So if you can’t squeeze in a visit to this great destination before summer ends, plan to come instead in next spring and enjoy cherry blossoms on the beachfront while lighting up a family barbecue.

Getting There and Around

JR: Take the Keiyo Line to Kasai Rinkai Station.
Bus: Take the Toei Bus and get off at Kasai Rinkai Koen stop.
Water Bus: Ride on the water-bus from Odaiba to this park may also be a fun for sea-breeze lovers.
Bike: There are so many places to rent a bike in Tokyo it's hard to keep track, but I recommend Tokyo Bike, the local rental shop located in the middle of the laid back Yanaka. Also, you can buy a one day pass and rent a small wheeled electric bicycles from Docomo Community Cycle.

Apparently, traveling by bike is not time efficient but the riding pace will let you discover the finer detail of Tokyo’s scenery. You can hop off for taking photos any time you wish and experience many things that you would not see if you move around by train or bus.

Hours and Fees

Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel
Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (weekends and holidays until 21:00)
Closed: The 4th and 5th Wednesdays in January and all Wednesdays in February (following day if Wednesday is a national holiday)
Fees: 700 yen

Tokyo Sea Life Park
Hours: 9:30 to 17:00
Closed: Wednesdays (or the following day if Wednesday is a national holiday) December 29 to January 1
Fees: 700 yen

Related Information
Swimming at the bay is allowed only during weekends between July and August, and visitors are only allowed to enter the water waist deep. Diving is prohibited.

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