Delightful Experience for Kids and Adults at Enoshima! Night Aquarium Event at Shin Enoshima Aquarium!

Ten year old Shin Enoshima Aquarium is one of the most popular aquariums in Kanagawa prefecture. Closely located to Sagami Bay the Aquarium draws visitors who experience the marine lives of the Bay area. Currently, the Aquarium is holding a Night Event, using 3D projection mapping, popular all around the globe. The Aquarium boasts of other attractions as well, scroll down for more.

Hurry!! Night Event at Shin Enoshima Aquarium ends on November 30th!

On display is the major crowd-puller event, the “Jellyfish Universe,” a collaboration of jellyfish and 3D projection mapping at the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall.



Throughout the day there are shows and events offered by the Aquarium that are enough to bring you back to the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall by evening, without even getting you bored!



Deep Sea Part II – Deep Submergence Vehicle Shinkai 2000 – showing “Adventure of Shinkai 2000”, to be enjoyed in two variations, one for the daytime and another for the evening.


Welcome Mapping


The sea recreated by 3D projection mapping welcomes you at the entrance and appears to be overflown from the tank. Lights are emitted by noctilucae that gather around you as you step and walk on the sea.


Available: Colourful Cocktails for Adults!


On an ordinary day, Shin Enoshima Aquarium is crowded with children and families but by evening the Ocean Café on the 2nd floor has something more to offer. The Ocean Café keeping in tandem with the Night Event is offering cocktails in vivid colors associated with the sea.


Fish that gather around visitors.


Along the slope of the Big Sagami Bay tanks, a 3D projection mapping awaits you. It renders the image of a school of young sea moths gathering around the visitors. The 3D projection mapping offers not only a beautiful sight but actually brings you in contact with the marine life.

Hurry to Shin Enoshima Aquarium to catch a glimpse of the interactive 3D projection mapping this evening!!

Shin Enoshima Aquarium
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