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DIY Halloween Kids Costume at Daiso

Halloween is not a new phenomenon by all means but it has literally exploded onto the shop shelves this year in Japan. With fewer and more expensive options for kids in years past, I went DIY on the kids costumes. I admit he wasn't the only bat at school but he was the most hand-crafted one. Then next year came the skeleton which was easy enough to do with the help of an H&M skeleton shirt to expand on.

Daiso, and other 100Yen shops, are well known for their cheap, clever solutions to everyday problems. Your kilo of sugar bag needs a tap to nearly pour it. They have it. Your boiled eggs are either too runny or too hard? Well Goldilocks, you are in luck. They have a plastic egg that changes colour as your eggs cook. So how is Daiso working to take the sweat out of Halloween preparation. The best of Halloween 2015 at Daiso is affordable and it is easy to mix and match outfits or do the family pair-look like you belong on the set of Where's Wally.


Anything black, orange, purple, or red in colour is ready for the taking, but if your child wants to be a grey and green spider in a beret then you might need to do a bit of digging. Magic wands, witch hats, Devil horns, Vampire fangs and bats ears, the choices echo some of Halloween's most popular choices for kids. Fluorescent body paint, fake scars, facial jewels and stickers and nail polish seal the deal. What kid doesn't want to be glowing in the dark to do their trick or treating? My kid.


Instead, you'll find me in the laundry isle picking out laundry bags, then to the clothing section for a pair of men's socks, then to the sewing section for wool and ribbons and goggly eyes. To add the finishing touches I will use a pair of suspenders and a beret to class this Spider up.

Hunting all the parts to his outfit down in one shop did take the sweat out of it - now just to put it together!

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