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Unique Japanese Stationery

I love Japanese stationery! First of all, its design is really cute and simple. Not only that, but the quality is good too. Don't worry about it! So, let’s know more about them! With this article, I will introduce to you those awesome and unique Japanese stationeries that you should have them!


Do you know that Japanese people love to eat Mackerel? Because of that reason they made this pencil case. It is made in the perfect image of grilled mackerel. For the outside look, it looks like fresh mackerel. Isn’t is really interesting? If you use this pencil case in Japan, maybe you will be able to grab the hearts of Japanese person.


Gift tags - pink sakura with mint green ribbon
Gift tags - pink sakura with mint green ribbon. Photo: Emily Orpin on Flickr

Japan is really famous with its flowers, Sakura. Unfortunately, you will be able to see those petals during spring season in Japan, which takes place around January to March. The shape of Sakura’s petal is interesting and beautiful. If you want to use it as decorations, you can buy this Sakura hole punch!


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Japanese people love to have their own notebook to note their schedule or upcoming events. Surprisingly, these products are cool. These all-purpose book covers are made to be used on books of all sizes. It is no need to hunt for covers that fit into your book. There are also so many designs of them, that you can choose your favorite one! What such a convenient, isn’t it?


This is my favorite one! Maybe you can bring some as souvenirs from Japan to your own country. Maybe when you heard its name, you will be a little bit confused. Staple less stapler? Is that stapler? Yes, it is! This stapler will not need staple, and it is really safety and eco-friendly stapler. I bring some as souvenirs for my friends, and they really like it.



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Maybe these pens have already known and been popular among the world. Of course, you don’t need a white out if you use this pen. Nowadays, there are so many colors for these pens. Not only black, blue and red, but there is also green color, and etc. What such a convenient pen, isn’t it? I recommend you to have them! Unfortunately, please not to put hot bento, or something hot above your writing using this pen, it will be disappeared.

Surprisingly, not only pens, but there is also highlighter that you can easily erase it too. Is that really interesting and convenient?


Those are the most unique and interesting Japanese stationery that you should have. I recommend you to buy the staple less stapler, and the erasable pen or highlighter. You can also bring them as souvenirs for your lovely friends at your own country. Not only that, if you go to stationery shop in Japan, you can find so many cute things for any decorations, such as gift cards, cute tapes, and etc. Happy Shopping!

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