Odaiba at night

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Insta-worthy Places in Odaiba that Will Make You Feel Like You’re in a Different Country

Odaiba, located on the edge of Tokyo Bay, has plenty of great places for fun photos, spots that will make you think you're no longer in Japan.

Venus Fort

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You have to visit one of the coolest shopping malls in Japan. It is designed to look like a European village. It will make you actually feel like you have entered in Italy once you step inside. The mall has a fake sky in its ceiling that changes into day, noon, sunset and at night throughout 1 hour, it could trick you into thinking the sun is setting on an hourly basis.

You can enjoy shopping while under the Venetian themed interior. If it is your dream to go to Europe like me, then you could have a glimpse of your dream Europe in this place.

There are three floors of shops at Venus Fort, each with a different focus. The first floor is called Venus Family, there are variety of products for kids, pets and lifestyle that can be found. This floor is also dog-friendly, so you might see people shopping with their dogs. The second floor is called Venus Grand, this is where fashion stores such as Burberry Blue Label are found and other popular fashion styles among adults. The third floor is Venus Outlet and has around 50 fashion and lifestyle stores at outlet prices which are popular among young ones, it collects different fashion styles with some reasonable prices and edgy brands. Venus Fort makes up part of a larger complex called Palette Town.

You will also find a huge indoor fountain in the center of the mall. This area is known as Fountain Plaza and this is one of the most popular spots where people takes photos.

Vintage Car Museum at Venus Fort

Vintage automotive museum at Venus Fort

Do you also have passion for cars? If you're interested in vintage autos and race cars, this automotive museum is well worth checking out which is also in the same building as Venus fort and it is for free. The exhibit is also fashioned to resemble a 1950's Italian street.

Location: Venus Fort is located within the Palette Town area of Odaiba, an island in Tokyo Bay.

Nearest station: Tokyo Teleport station (7 mins walk from station to Venus Fort)
Store hours: 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Restaurants: 11:00 a.m - 11:00 p.m (last order at 10:00 p.m.), except for some restaurants

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is an enormous suspension bridge that connects Tokyo with Odaiba. It changes colors depending on the season. It is also one of the most famous bridges in Japan.

Behind Rainbow Bridge, you can see the Replica of the Statue of Liberty. Make use of this nice spot to take photos of the Rainbow Bridge with the Statue both in the same scene! This place will let you have that feeling of being in New York!

Replica Statue of Liberty with Rainbow Bridge behind it
Rainbow Bridge and the replica Statue of Liberty. Photo by S. on Flickr
Beach at Odaiba
Odaiba beach near sundown

After a long day, enjoy a serene moment while relaxing near by the sea as the sun goes down and the bridge lights up. The perfect time to go here is by sunset because the skies are in beautiful hues of pinks and purples and it reflects on the sea, it makes everything look like a painting. You can also see Tokyo Tower from afar; you can see it clearly when it lights up at night.

Looking for a great place to have dinner while enjoying the view? You can enjoy a romantic dinner from a luxurious boat called Yakatabune, you can watch the Rainbow Bridge while it lights up and enjoy Japanese dishes like fresh tempura and drinks.

You can also enjoy this fantastic view while dining at a restaurant at Aqua City Shopping Mall which is near by Rainbow Bridge. This mall has different kinds of restaurants to choose, the floors 3-6 facing the rainbow bridge have the best view for it.

Rainbow Bridge lit up at night
The Rainbow Bridge at night. Photo by Zengame on Flickr

Directions and nearest station:

Its easier to find Rainbow Bridge if you get off the station at Daiba station. Some other stations are:

  • Odaiba Kaihin Koen station (9-minute walk)
  • Tokyo Teleport station (10-minute walk)

Rainbow Bridge is also a 15-minute walk from Venus Fort.

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