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Top Free Items in Japan

Free items! Everybody loves those things! People often remark about how expensive Japan is but did you know there are quite a few things you can get for free within range? Food, drink, or even household appliances are often within easy range and totally free. Let’s find out more about it so that you can get those free items without any hesitation.

FREE Tissues On The Streets

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Free tissues! The most useful item which you don’t need to buy at a shop. When you walk on the street near a busy train station in Japan, you will notice people shouting about a company and will give you one set of tissues free. What is the purpose of giving free tissues then? Advertisement! Some Japanese companies have their company logo advertisement written on the packing of the tissues that you receive it free. So, if you need more tissues, don’t hesitate to ask them! The tissue holder would be happy to hand as much as possible so that they can finish their work early. Because, actually the tissue giver job is usually handed to a young part-time worker.

FREE Hot Water At Any Convenience Stores

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If you buy instant noodles at any convenience store in Japan, and you want to eat them straightaway, you don’t need to worry about how to get the hot water. Some of them will provide electric hot water boilers for free. Hey why not, if you need a quick bite to eat, you can heat it yourself and you don't have to pay to do it.


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This is a common item to find at local festivals and events as a free tool to keep cool but also makes a great souvenir. Japanese have used fans since ancient times and today they are an easily recognizable part of their culture. Where can you get them for free? Go to any festival held by the local town and you will find people and stalls handing fans out to take home.

Free Wi-fi

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What makes this so unique is that wi-fi is so incredibly accessible all across Japan and you can use it for free at almost any convenience store and coffee shop. In Japan you are never too far from access to free wi-fi so you can check your social media post or read an article online anytime of the day.

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