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Azabu-Juban Noryo Festival: The Summer Festival With a Difference

The Tokyo summers are filled with neighborhood festivals. While always enjoyable, especially for young children, if you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all.

There’s a reason for that: a small group of vendors travel from place to place, offering the same games and snacks to a new audience every few days.

But Azabu Juban is different. A few years ago this ritzy neighborhood near Roppongi limited entry to local merchants only, and since the area is a foodie’s paradise, the one thing you won’t find here is ordinary festival fare.

For starters, the drink of choice is sparkling wine!


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If you’re feeling peckish, why not give the teppan-grilled foie gras a try?


Yukata are a popular fashion choice for both men and women.


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But some people have their own unique styles.


The central park offers a range of games for kids.


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All of the streets surrounding the central square are shut down, turning the area into the local equivalent of a block party.


The center stage features a wide variety of bands.


And the fun keeps going until 9 PM.


The Juban Matsuri is held August 27-28. Traditionally it is a 3-day event that begins on Friday, but the schedule was shortened following the 3/11 disasters so this year it will be held on a weekend. It’s been edging back towards its original duration ever since.

2016 will be the 50th Juban Matsuri. Don’t miss it!

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