Ain Soph Ripple: Tokyo Vegan Tales (Part 2)

One of the nicest aspects of living in a megacity like Tokyo is the access to many different styles of cuisine. With an array of restaurants from almost every corner of the globe, the possibilities are endless. That even extends to vegan and vegetarian cuisine. One of the gripes that some foreigners have when traveling to Japan is the lack of meatless options at restaurants. While this idea may ring true in some cases, luckily it doesn't hold up in Tokyo. Thanks to the creators behind the Ain Soph series, you can experience the delicacies of healthy eating without any of the consequences. Today's vegan fare will showcase another restaurant; Ain Soph Ripple.

Not too far from Seibu-Shinjuku Station, this bastion of culinary goodness is located just outside the mania of Kabukicho. When you step inside, be prepared to meet happy staff members, and even more satisfied customers, as the menu is rife with vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. Feel like a burger and fries? Look no further than the Ripple Burger and the Ripple Cheeseburger, all 100% made of plants. The soft, flaky bun contains fresh avocado, tomatoes, vegan cheese (generally made of chickpeas and other beans), and the meat patty (made with a mushroom base) all compiled together to create an enjoyable dining experience.

They also have other choices, such as the chicken burger (tofu with a chicken flavoring) with shredded cabbage and vegan tartar sauce, as well as the falafel sandwich (my personal favorite) with hummus, lettuce, and vegan yogurt to complete the taste. If you're missing some of the Mexican cultural flair, then look no further than the vegan burrito, packed with black beans, rice, avocado, corn, tomato, and vegan "meat," to help satiate your palate. Desserts are a dime a dozen, as there is a variety of sweet treats that hit the spot after imbibing on a rock-solid entree. Whether you're looking for some crispy French toast, drizzled with chocolate sauce and coconut flakes, or some extra sweet ice cream (vanilla and rum raisin flavors), you'll not be disappointed. Drinks are also vegan as well, as the selection of beers, colas, and juices will keep you properly satisfied and guilt-free. The list of options is abundant, and the combinations are endless.

If language challenged, no need to worry, as there are English-speaking staff and the menu is foreigner friendly. Often, you'll see other people from different parts of the world there, as it tends to be one of the trendier spots in the Tokyo area. Some come along and maybe meet some friends to share stories about your Tokyo adventures.

The ambiance is set up nicely, as the soft, organic lighting is both natural and inviting. From the look of the establishment, it isn't orchestrated as some of the other Ain Soph experiences, but that's part of the charm. It's deemed to be experienced individually, just as a pebble makes a "ripple" when dropped into a stream. Perhaps that's the whole point of a place like this. An establishment for everyone but no one at the same time. Perhaps Nietzsche would approve.

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