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Little Saebejae: Slow Food Restaurant in Asakusa

If you are enjoying a nice trip to the popular tourist destination Sensoji Temple in Akasuka, Tokyo and find yourself craving for plant-based or halal safe food, there is an abundant supply of that to be found in the middle of Asakusa. A hidden gem, located only ten minutes from the famous Sensoji Temple and a five minutes short walk from Asakusa metro station, Little Saebejae promotes itself as a slow food vegetarian (but is in fact a fully vegan) cafe. This cafe offers delicious inexpensive food and desserts that are filling and decently priced to be located in such a touristy place. Little Saebejae seems to be a popular choice amongst tourists looking for healthier alternatives located near the famous Buddhist temples.


Slow Food

Little Saebejae is a slow food cafe — a concept that means combining local cuisine and traditional cooking methods, with the thought of food and its enjoyment having a positive impact on both the human body, the environment and on the animals. This is reflected in Little Saebejae’s menu as everything is plant-based, as well as the desserts being made without oil or too much sugar. The cafe also caters to people with celiac disease with their “Asakusa Muffins” - muffins made without wheat and instead made using rice flour. Be sure to ask the chef for more gluten-free options on their daily Chef’s Plate.

All guests that enter Little Saebejae are greeted at the door by the owner and greeted kindly from the very first minute. After taking a seat, guests are also served a welcoming tea drink on the house.

The interior of the cafe is in botanical style, meaning that there are plants and flowers everywhere — an interior that seems to be very popular at the moment.

Music is low and jazzy and serves good after a hectic visit to busy Asakusa, and also fits well with the slow food concept.

Chef's Plate 2

Chef’s Plate

Little Saebejae might have a small menu consisting only of the chef’s plate and several dessert and drink options. But don’t be discouraged: The Chef’s Plate alternates from day to day, varying in style and cooked with a variety of handmade ingredients. The menu prides itself on including the best of Japanese vegetables and the dishes that are served are usually a mix of Japanese and fusion style alternatives.

The cream cheeses, salad dressings and sauces are all vegan and made from rich ingredients. The dessert menu mostly consists of muffins and tarts all made oil free and with healthy egg replacements.

If you are afraid that the small menu is limited, you’ll be surprised to see that a lot of food is served with this order. The chef’s plate is priced at ¥1000, and includes some starters, a warm meal and a surprise dessert plate (that usually consists of two dessert items). It is an incredibly large portion for the price, and two tea drinks are also included. It is a good mix of carbs, proteins, greens and sweets.

If you are not up for getting your stomach full, you can just order drinks and desserts. Whatever you choose, it is hard to be disappointed at his hidden gem.





HOURS: Tuesday — Sunday from 12pm-19:30pm. Closed Mondays.

Only Cash Accepted

ACCESS: Five minutes walk from Asakusa Metro station

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