Japanese Kanji Study - A New Android App for Learning Kanji

Japanese Kanji Study aims to be a simple yet powerful and modern Android app for learning all common-use Japanese kanji. Instead of using built-in fonts, which often render kanji incorrectly or over-simplified, the app displays each kanji in a much more accurate drawn form.

Kanji High-res icon updated2

Taking cues from traditional flashcards, the app allows you to create custom sized sets and drill the characters with quick access to readings, definitions and carefully selected examples that increase in difficulty with each kanji. Stroke order animations are accompanied with a challenge draw mode that forces you to draw the kanji accurately and in the correct order.


In addition to self assessment, the app offers a quick and adaptive quiz mode that selects distractors based on shared radicals, mistake history and several other factors to test your knowledge. Your study time and quiz accuracy is tracked and displayed for each kanji. The app tries to make learning kanji effective and easy whenever you have a free moment. Good luck with your studies!



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