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Recently Launched - A Travel App "Tokyo Guide" for Apple Watch

“Tokyo Guide” is a travel guide app with features designed specifically for the new Apple Watch. It provides not only relevant information about destinations, but also timely recommendations to help its users discover nearby points of interest based on the person’s location. This feature allows travellers to find hidden attractions and explore Tokyo in depth along their journey. The services are available in Japanese and English.


Key features of “Tokyo Guide”


1. Recommendations on the go

Apple Watch shows recommendations of the places of interest based on the current location. Users receive updated information about nearby attractions on their wrist without taking out the iPhone. Travelers can access the details about facilities, photos and maps. Additionally, the app for iPhone offers the location, phone number and website of the spot as well as navigation maps. Watch-wearers can adjust their search range for point of interests within 250 m, 500 m, 1km and 1.5 km radius of their current location.

2. Selected sightseeing spots popular among foreign tourists

Other than popular tourist spots for foreigners, the attraction list on the app covers lesser-known places of interest such as historic spots, local restaurants en route to the destination. The recommended tourist destinations currently include about 20 spots in Tokyo and more than 100 spots will be added by May this year.


3. Social Media Links

The app links to social media such as Twitter and Facebook which allows its users to share their travel experience with their family and friends. Travellers can post on social media with feedbacks of the places they visit with - Awesome, Good & Not Good. Via iPhone they can update the article with comments.

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