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Suginoi Hotel in Beppu – Beautiful Baths and Stunning Views

For most tourists, Suginoi is one of the best hotels in Beppu with such a great location, large estate and excellent service. Located on top of the hill Kankaiji hot spring area, Suginoi has an incredible advantage to attract for tourists from all over Japan as well as from China and Korea.

Among the many baths at Suginoi Hotel, attention is immediately drawn to “Tanayu”, with its tiered set of open-air baths spreading out before a magnificent view overlooking the Beppu night skyline below and bay beyond. The Tanayu bathhouse also features a variety of other baths, like its traditional wooden barrel baths, waterfall showers, and more. That is why Suginoi is considered as the best Four Star Hotel at Beppu.

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The hotel also offers stunning views of nature as far as Shikoku Island over the Beppu Bay on a sunny day on one side and Mt. Tsurumi on the other. Suginoi Hotel consists of 3 buildings called Hon-kan (Main wing) 14-story building, Hana-kan (Hana wing) 13-story building, and Naka-kan (Middle wing) 7-story building that houses 631 guest rooms (accommodates a maximum of 2,869 guests), hot springs, restaurants, banquet halls, meeting rooms, karaoke rooms, and our spa salon "Spa the Ceada".


At Suginoi Hotel both process and product departmentalization is for the benefit of their customers. Under product departmentalization, the whole restaurant is divided into seven open kitchens such as a Japanese kitchen, pasta and pizza kitchen, Indian kitchen, main kitchen, dessert corner, etc. When referring to the quality of the output, Suginoi Hotel gives a higher attention to the quality of their food than you would expect. They believe from every point from cutting to serving, quality plays a major role.

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Seda Palace a restaurant, built inside the hotel according to an Italian concept. To ensure that customer satisfaction is being maintained at a higher level, a musical band from Italy plays live music every day. You can feel all the Italian flavor food in that restaurant and it is decorated with Italian culture in mind. Also the open kitchen concept helps to attract customers’ attention as it can also be used as a symbol of the quality of the food that is being served. Further, a photographer takes photos of the customers free of charge and the customers can collect the photograph after their dinner. 

Rooms on Suginoi Hotel's Cedar Floor epitomize all the luxurious and relaxing qualities of their namesake spa, letting travelers stay in rooms decorated in either Oriental Modern or Natural Modern furniture. The Mountain View rooms are especially amazing with their outside showers and directing perspectives of the encompassing greenery. Suginoi's Cedar Floor is perfect for a romantic vacation or a girls' spa getaway.

Besides, the service of the hotel is very impressive. They recruit a lot of international students to work on their restaurant so that a foreign customer does not have any issue regarding language. The hotel also has a well-equipped gymnasium for their customers. Suginoi Hotel is probably the best place in Beppu for you to stay in, if you are willing to visit Beppu with your family or friends.

Address: 〒874-0822 大分県別府市 観海寺1

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