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Five Things to Do in Miyazaki City

Due to its position in the far south east of Japan, Miyazaki was largely undeveloped for most of Japan's history and as such is home to some beautiful untouched landscapes and national parks, as well as natural locations that tie into Japan's earliest mythology. Miyazaki City, the prefecture's capital, tends to be a little overlooked when considering what Miyazaki as a whole has to offer.

Hyuga Hyottoko Summer Festival

Facing the Hyuga sea, where the daylight hours are warm, is a national top-class area called Hyuga located in the northeastern part of the Miyazaki prefecture. In the city this year, a Hyottoko, Okame and Fox in no order will star in a light rhythm of "Tentekoten" and preform a unique movement that will cover the town in laughter with this performance. This will be the 31st proformance and be held in the city on August 1st and 2nd in front of Hyuga station. The 1st being the eve celebration and the 2nd being the main event. On the eve festival, in addition to an competitive individual preformance from each […]

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