Writer: Celia Knox

Celia is a teacher based in Tokyo. Originally from North Queensland, Australia, she has been living in Japan since February 2011. When she's not teaching, she's either hanging out with friends in Tokyo, hiking in the mountains, or taking off to different parts of the country and checking off items from her very long bucket list.

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Four Free Views of Tokyo

Many of these attractions are enjoyed from ground level, but what about heading ‘up’ for a change? When you walk out of an elevator to a 45th floor observation deck, your breath is immediately taken away as you understand the enormous scale of this megacity.

Tokamachi Snow Festival

The small town of Tokamachi in Niigata prefecture sees up to 3 meters of snowfall each year. In the middle of an otherwise dark and gloomy winter, the Tokamachi Snow Festival gives locals as well as tourists a reason to celebrate as the streets are transformed into a buzzing festival.

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