Writer: Joel

Joel - a 30-something white male Canadian with a graduate degree in Japanese literary and film studies - is acutely aware of the ambiguous nature of subjectivity. He is quick to concede that his opinion and experiences are his alone. Purposefully seeking out the periphery in Japanese culture, Joel has assembled a trove of unique personal experiences, which not only inform his view of Japan but also continue to lead him to places that are slightly off the well-worn asphalt path. Having said all that, Joel just simply enjoys spending time with his family and friends, drinking good coffee, traveling, cycling, listening to music, and sharing narratives.

Getting a Tattoo in Japan

Are you looking for a very unique item to bring back from your trip to Japan? Maybe you want something less common than green tea and geta. Perhaps you want something to show off to your friends back home? Are you tired of ubiquitous goods from the 100 yen shop? Maybe you want a souvenir that you will never forget. Well then, perhaps you are ready for a Japanese…tattoo!

Fukuoka Cafés - REC Coffee

Located just a few minutes walk from Nishitestu Yakuin train station on Jonan-sen, REC coffee is easy to get to. The atmosphere is casual and pleasant, and the smell of freshly baked delicacies, very tempting. But it’s the coffee that I’m going for and it doesn’t disappoint.

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