Writer: Mie Ochiai

My name is Mie Ochiai. I was born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka in 1978.

Through my childhood, I moved several times within Kyushu island because of my father's job. I have lived in Okinawa, Miyazaki,and Kumamoto until I finished high school.

After I graduated from high school, I went to California, USA, to study at the community college called Foothill college. It was located near San Francisco. I was majoring in "Multi-cultural studies", which only this college had in America.

I studied in Foothill College for one year. Then, suddenly I had this strong feeling in heart that I wanted to go to India to travel. So I decided to follow my inner voice and quit school to go travel in India.

I learned an important element about life from this trip of two months in India and Thailand. It has become my belief. It is that "You find your own treasure where your heart is.".

All those 17 years after I came back to Japan (Fukuoka) from this trip, I've been doing one thing very hard. That is to become a writer. I love writing!

So this is my dream come true. I'm wishing that I can write things to be helpful for readers or travelers to find their treasures in Fukuoka.

For me, you are my treasure if you find my articles and read them.

I put my love in my writings. Thank you.

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